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Walnut Hill

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Matthew Willoughby


 Instructional Coach 
Ashley Dean


The philosophy of Walnut Hill Elementary School is to provide a wide variety of educational opportunities and successful learning experiences through various instructional strategies.  The staff of Walnut Hill believes that all children can learn at high levels, and that all children be given the opportunity to learn in a safe and equitable environment.  We strive to create well-rounded programs to meet the diverse learning styles of our our students so that no child will fall through the cracks.


Our staff strives to create an atmosphere of trust and caring with an emphasis on the social, emotional, physical, and educational needs of all students. We make every effort to sustain a relationship with parents through PTO and Family Resource Center, businesses, and the community. We implement a strong Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Program that ensures that we meet the needs of the whole child so they can achieve to their highest potential. 

Walnut Hill Elementary opened the school year of 2007-2008 as a new state of the art facility located in a rural community in Casey County on US 127 South. We serve approximately 500 students in grades preschool through sixth grade with a combined staff of 72.  Our students receive physical education, arts and humanities and computer lab instruction.

Because we value input from our families and our community, feel free to contact the school at any time for further information. 


Working together, we can make Walnut Hill Elementary the best it can be!